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La Premiere Seat Air France

Air France

Back in February 2015, we published a news digest highlighting Air France’s continuing efforts in bringing innovative dishes to its premium cabin (refer to this link for more information).  The Paris based airline will introduce one new starter and five new main dishes to its La Première cabin (First Class) for August and September.


Anne-Sophie Pic

Air France is extending its partnership with Anne-Sophie Pic in bringing exceptional dishes to life. She is currently the only French woman to have three Michelin stars, the supreme reward she obtained in 2007 to which she added the title of Best Female Chef in the World in 2011.


Throughout August and September, customers can enjoy a creamy cucumber starter. In August, beef chuck steak ravioli and foie gras consommé, half-baked lobster with celery and free-range chicken with chutney and peppered dates are among the delicacies on offer.

Air France La Première Main Dish August 2015
Air France La Première Main Dish August 2015 (half-baked lobster with celery) – Image taken from Air France’s website on August 4, 2015 (All rights Reserved)

In September, lightly-cooked langoustine with sweet spices and a sole spiral with chard ravioli are among the delicious dishes to be enjoyed in this exceptional cabin.


Air France has been working with celebrity chefs as part of its grander plans to create a better passenger experience. It has been changing menu choices at a higher frequency than similar airlines (typically, premium class menu items are rotated or changed between routes every 3-4 months).

Additionally, new Boeing 777-300ER deliveries and existing Airbus A380-800 will feature new cabins for all classes. Older aircrafts will be refurbished by 2016/17.

This will place the airline in the top tier for comfort in First, Business and Premium Economy classes.

Final Call

Air France is in the midst of an overhaul of its premium cabin hard product. In the meantime, it will continuing to push the food innovation envelope by working with Anne-Sophie Pic again for August and September.

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Bon Appetit!


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